Fishing has a tremendous impact on Florida’s economy. I’m proud to support this industry in any way that I can! Here are some statistics about fishing and it’s importance.

Fishing in Florida..

Economic Impact in Florida: $9.7 Billion dollars per year
Jobs in the Florida fishing Industry: 127,000 jobs
Florida is #1 in the nation in saltwater anglers
Fishing licensing in Florida…

Over $47 million in revenue generated from licenses sold in 2015 and 2016 in Florida
Over 2 million fishing licenses sold in 2016 in Florida
I serve as the spokesperson for the “I DO” campaign, which influences fisherman to buy licenses. The revenue collected from fishing licenses enhances fishing and boating opportunities throughout Florida. Public marinas, boat ramps, fishing clinics, artificial reefs are some of the programs that are benefitting from the funds raised from fishing license dollars.

To learn more about the “I DO” Campaign click here.

In the United States…

  • More Americans fish than the combined total of those that play golf and tennis
  • If fishing were a company it would rank #51 on the Fortune 500 list
  • Recreational fishing – both fresh and saltwater combined – ranks higher than bowling or playing basketball, softball or soccer, according to data from the National Sporting Goods Association 

Sportfishing generates $125 billion per year towards the United States economy”

One partner of mine that is very influential in towards Florida’s economy is Bass Pro Shops. I have been working with Bass Pro Shops for 20 years now.

I just had the pleasure of attending the Daytona Beach Bass Pro Shops grand opening. Here is a picture of me chatting with a young fan at Bass Pro Shops.

Combined social media statistics for Bass 2 Billfish and… 

  • Facebook:  212,000 followers
  • Twitter: 38.000 followers
  • Instagram:  104,000 followers
  • YouTube: 4,944,000 views and 10,000 subscribers
  • Bass2Billfish National TV show directed, produced and hosted by Peter Miller, airing on NBC Sports and World Fishing Network reaches over 10.4 million actual viewers per year 
  • Between the Bass2Billfish and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts…we will have reached over 26 million impressions for 2017!

New for 2017 Waypoint TV: Bass2Billfish is now streaming on Waypoint TV available on Roku, SmartTV, Chromecast, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Airplay. Average over 2,500 viewers per month.

This season I had the opportunity to fish with Jacob Schick from 22 Kill. 22 Kill is a veteran’s advocacy organization designed to raise awareness about the difficulties that face veterans. The name was derived from the fact that on average, a staggering 22 veterans commit suicide per day.

To learn more about 22 Kill click here:

Jacob Schick was deployed in Iraq as a Marine when the vehicle he was driving struck a tank mine. He was blown 30 feet into the air. Injured, he waited 42 minutes until a Blackhawk helicopter picked him up. He had collapsed lungs, multiple fractures in his left leg and arm, ligament and bone loss, and burns and holes in his left hand and arm. It took him over 15 months to recover mentally and physically. Schick had 46 operations, 23 blood transfusions and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.  Jacob spends his time motivating others through 22 Kill. What an honor to fish him with him!

Jacob and I fished out of South Seas Island Resort with Captain Ozzie Fischer. Fishing with Capt. Ozzie out of South Seas is one of my favorite destinations because great fishing is just a stones throw away from the resort.

Check out South Seas Island Resort here:

Here are 2 clips from my 2 part episode with Jacob Schick at South Seas Island Resort.

For more information on fishing in Citrus County, visit the Discover Crystal River fishing page

I’ve said this many times before, my favorite part of fishing in Florida is the diversity of our ecosystem. You can fish offshore, inshore, and freshwater fish steps away from each other. It’s incredible!

I had the pleasure of visiting Citrus County to film a show last year. The manatees, scalloping and inshore fishing draws the most crowds to this area…but the freshwater fishing is world class.

Here info on some of Citrus County’s hotspots.


Lake Rousseau 

Lake Rousseau is one of the premiere largemouth bass fishing lakes in Florida. The lake is 12 miles long and covers over 3700 acres. Lake Rousseau was created as a reservoir on the Withlacoochee River.

In recent years, over 90 largemouth bass over 10 pounds have been caught. The lake is also home to crappie, stumpknockers, catfish and bluegill. This lake is stumpy and grassy…the bass love that! Large wild shiners are a sure bet for big bass. For artificials, frogs are the ticket, such as the Stanley Ribbit.

Homossassa River

The name Homossassa, for me, is synonymous with scalloping. However, the fishing here is amazing. There aren’t many places you can catch largemouth bass and redfish in the same day…

The Homossassa River is loaded with largemouth bass, bluegill and bull head catfish. The water on the Homossassa River is extremely clear, you need to adjust to the clarity of the water and focus on presentation. Rat-L-Traps work very well in tidal areas like this.

Lake Henderson

Lake Henderson is part of the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes located in the west-central part of Florida in the town of Inverness. This lake is picturesque with cypress trees, weedy shorelines and dozens of islands.

Many trophy largemouth bass have been caught in this lake. There is also an abundance of crappie. Like Lake Rousseau, large live shiners will produce the biggest largemouth bass. While filming Bass 2 Billfish we had great luck with topwater frogs, skipped across the lily pads.

Here’s a clip from Lake Henderson:


Miami, FL., October 20, 2016:

Coming off a string of six total prizes at this year’s Telly Awards, celebrity fisherman Peter Miller can now add an Emmy nomination for Bass 2 Billfish with Peter Miller, his nationally-positioned angling and lifestyle program. More than simply a platform exclusively for sport Bass 2 Billfish with Peter Miller continues to win awards for its production value while pushing Miller’s career into philanthropy and activism throughout the nation.

Peter Miller has been nominated for the Talent – Program Host/Moderator category.

The Suncoast Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is the standard-bearer for excellence in the television industry and the gatekeeper of the prestigious regional EMMY® Awards in the Suncoast Region. The Suncoast Chapter represents the best and brightest television and media professionals from all disciplines of the industry and from all of the Suncoast region’s television markets.*

“It is truly an honor to be nominated for this prestigious award! Ive spent the last 10 years of my life, creating, producing, directing and hosting…Bass 2 Billfish. 

My goal was to bring my guests to Florida and introduce them to the most diverse fishery in the world, while keeping it fun, exciting and real! Basically, treating them to the trip of a lifetime, all while being captured on film and then broadcast for the entire world to see.

I never dreamt that we would be recognized in this highly esteemed group of nominees. This nomination validates all the time and effort that my crew and I put forward to make the best product out there. 

Having won 6 Telly awards earlier this year was incredible, but this Emmy nomination is absolutely mind blowing”   – stated Peter Miller 

Information on the EMMY nominated episode

Season 7, episode 6 “Andy and Sande at South Seas Island Resort Captiva, FL-pt. 1” is the show chosen for the award.

For the third season in a row, Peter Miller was able to host Andy Holland, a 32-year old from North Carolina with Down’s Syndrome. Miller was introduced to Andy through his audition tape several years
ago, and has invited him  

back year after year. As part of this year’s Sun Coast Emmy nominations, Andy & Sande Part 1, which featured Holland and his caretaker, Peter Miller was nominated in the “Talent” category for his exceptional hosting and hospitality. Through his presence on the program, Andy, an avid fisherman in his own right, was able to show fans of the sport its level of accessibility and therapeutic attributes.

 “Andy brings more energy and power to the room than anyone I have ever met,” said Miller of one of his favorite guests he’s ever had on the show. “Then you couple that with his sweetness and his positivity – he’s incredible.”

The 2016 Suncoast Emmy awards will be held on December 3rd in Orlando, FL.

 *Information regarding NATAS is credited to